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Paddle Edge Tape

By Far The Best Tape For Properly Protecting The Edge Of A Paddle.


The tape is a full 1" wide which enables you to cover the entire edge of the paddle. Unlike most tapes, the A-1 Edge Tape will not lift off the of the the paddle until you actually want to remove it, but will not leave any sticky residue when doing so.


The A-1 Edge Tape is a hefty 12mil thick, but still very easy to apply and can be torn by hand. It contours really well to the paddle's edge without bunching up as it's applied.


For complete protection it's recommended you use two layers of tape on the edge.


Not only is this tape the best on the market, it's extremely economical as well. As you can see in the picture to the right, there are three rolls of tape.  The small roll in the lower portion of the picture is a full roll (5 yards) of Gamma edge tape. It sells for roughly $7.00.  The other two rolls are in fact  A-1 Edge Tape and each roll has approximately 10 times the amount of tape as the competitor!


A-1 Edge Tape is a great tape at a fantastic value.

Factory Direct Price

$24.00 per 60 Yard Roll

$8.00 Shipping For Edge Tape


Free Shipping If Ordered With Paddle

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